Corporation Responsibilities:

We believe our first responsibility is to our clients who use our services. To meet their needs we have to make sure that everything we do must be in high quality. Clients’ orders must be served promptly and accurately, to do that our sales team make sure to understand clients’ need, provide for them the best alternatives, give them truth advices out of any other self-interest, and keep in contact with them after the service finish. Our customer satisfaction is a must not a choice.

We are responsible to our agents all around the world. We must provide them with the current information about projects we agree to deal with. We must make sure that they will get all of their financial dues on time regarding to the company policy and the contract agreement.

We are responsible to our employee, both men and women working in our branches all around the world. We must respect their dignity, appreciate their sincerity to their jobs. We must provide for them the best comfortable work environment, with equal opportunity for success.

Our final responsibility is to the communities in which we have branches, or projects to sale. As we lived and work in those communities we must be good citizens, support our societies by good works, charities, and bear our fair share of taxes. We must make sure to use all products in our offices that do not affect the environment in harm way and protecting the environment and natural resources.    



Corporation Responsibilities